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Core SOULutions Fitness and Health | CS Fitness provides solutions to get back on track or create a new one. We know that living the healthy life you want can be hard to do on your own. Finding time, motivation and stress relief can feel overwhelming. Enjoy ongoing conversations in person, on the phone or via email with a professional trainer and health coach. Discuss your goals, your true desires and break through barriers that continue to sabotage your abilities. Evie Oberdorfer is an educated, certified personal trainer, health coach, and diabetes coach who will help you set SMART goals, develop a plan, design action steps, educate, and advise you  as you move forward.

Personal Trainer Minneapolis MN

Based in Minneapolis MN with online nationwide access. Evie is a personal trainer and health coach that inspires people to discover strength from the inside out.''

With 20 solid years of industry experience as a health coach in private, medical, and corporate wellness.  She works with all chronic conditions, including all forms of diabetes, high blood pressure, back pain, stress and nutrition.


"I learned so much from Evie! She lightens up any room no matter what mood people are in. I bought so many senseless, quick weight loss diets and products before. Now, I'm not confused by marketing and the media. I know what I need to do and have a plan to get there."


**Certificates in Personal Training, Health and Wellness Coaching, Group Fitness Teaching, and Pilate's from prestigious organizations including, the American Council of Exercise - ACE, America's Leading Authority on Fitness.


Evie Oberdorfer  | Health Coach Medicine Lake MN

Evie Oberdorfer  | Health Coach Minneapolis MN

To Ask About:

  • speaking events
  • on site back health workshops 
  • posture | pilates
  • eating right
  • chronic condition improvement
  • weight management
  • metabolic rehabilitation
  • heart health
  • lowering cholesterol
  • preventing - managing Type 2 diabetes
  • diabetes health fitness coaching
  • Individual fitness plans
  • body shaping
  • stress  reduction
  • staying accountable


Our clients include health care organizations, energy companies, police-fire departments, small, and large business with, or without third party health promotion platforms, employees, individuals, small, and large groups in Minneapolis/surrounding areas, and nationwide.